Candidates who do not pass the examination for the first time only may take the examination within the following year (12 months from the date of failed exam) without paying an application fee. The entire examination, not just the portions failed, must be retaken.

RE-Testing Application

If you are applying to re-take the examination, please click here.  You will need to fill out a new application.

1. Candidates shall be sent notice of the retest policy.
2. Candidates must complete a new application for re-examination, clearly indicating that the application is for a retest; the application will be submitted no more than 12 months from the date of the failed exam.
3. The examination fee and special/additional fees must be paid. The original application fee will be applied to the re-examination.
4. Candidates who do not pass the exam the second time must initiate the application process (including payment of all fees that apply) in order to repeat the examination.
5. Candidates who fail the exam may have their computer answers re-checked. This process insures that there were no technical issues that interfered with computer scoring. Requests for the recheck must be submitted in writing to the Center for Nursing Education and Testing, 35 Journal Square, Suite 901, Jersey City, NY 07306 within 30 days following notification of exam results by traceable means and must be accompanied by the fee as determined by CNET; call 800-463-0786 for the fee.

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